A Simple, One-Stop

Design Consultancy 

Architecture, Structure, MEP | 100%BIM

We're a simple, one-stop design and engineering consultancy. 

Every project benefits from 100% BIM-first process for frustration-free delivery.


Design Smarter Today, Build Better Tomorrow.

Our approach

We design + deliver your project like it's ours.

Integrated Design + Engineering

Providing a simple, one-stop service

across architecture, structure and mep 

where every project benefits from 100% BIM-first delivery.


Architecture, Structure + MEP.

Developers get a well-organised team of architects, engineers and project managers. We free your resources from time-consuming design management + use accurate BIM data to help your team make the best decisions for your project


BIM Done Right.

Gain all the benefits of a BIM-first project delivery. Leverage accurate virtual models for coordination, costing and project management. Regain control over your project costs and drastically reduce construction uncertainties with BIM done right.


Digital Project Management.

With DigitalMatter, digital transformation becomes plug+play for your organization. Your team gains access to cloud-based BIM models + real-time project portals. A 1-day team training is all you need to transition to an improved Digital-first solution

Why Engage Digital Matter?

Integrated Savings

We make projects efficient.  Our team of architects, engineers + project managers are able to improve design + coordination with accurate BIM models across all the disciplines. This helps to save time (+ money) on your projects.

Accurate Cost Controls

We understand the importance of data.  With Digital Matter, you can control project costs with accurate model-driven data.  The result: better tenders and a reduction in construction uncertainties.

Digital Transformation

We are digital from the ground up. Have confidence in your digital investment. Our expertise in digital processes and platforms assures project delivery to meet and exceed expectations. 

Increased Returns

We are different. Timelines and quality are your keys to successful investments. 

With DigitalMatter, you can expect results from reliable timelines and accurate coordination.  We design smarter today, so you build better tomorrow.

We work for the leading developers in South-East Asia.

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Developers working with DigitalMatter

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Design Smarter, 

Build Better.

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