Holiday Guide:
Gift ideas to avoid (another) disruptive year

2020 has been disruptive.  Now that it's coming to an end, here's a list of geeky goodies to help you and your team kickstart a successful 2021 ...


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For Property Developers

Amazing gifts to set up 2021 for success

In a nutshell

  • Boost Productivity: with the right setup you + your team can reduce distractions and stay focused

  • Promote Growth: invest in learning and development so designs get smarter and builds get better

  • Stay Healthy: beyond social distancing, strengthen your team both physically and emotionally for challenges ahead.

2020 has been a disruptive year. 

Chances are work isn't going 100% as planned.

... WFH might have been "work from hell" for many

... Planning has been close to impossible

... Social distancing has been disastrous for most


And thats ok.


2021 is everyone's chance to design smarter

2021 is everyone's chance to build better

2021 is everyone's year of growth 


Here's a list of gifts to kickstart 2021 for you and your colleagues.

Some are real estate themed, but many are good work gifts in general. 

gifts to boost productivity

gifts to promote growth

gifts to stay healthy



Read to the end for a bonus going out to a few lucky winners.

(Who says 2020 can't end with a bang? 😉)

Lenn's picks to boost productivity

"Because we all want to work smarter (not harder), here are some easy ways to help boost day-to-day output."  

Lennard Ong, Director Of Projects


Lenn's top pick

Curved Monitor 

SGD1,288 | IDR 16,750,000

Not your everyday monitor - an ultrawide, curved 49" monitor is a luxury upgrade from your typical laptop screen.  Even if this is beyond budget, even investing in cheaper monitors will do the trick. We're big believers that extra screen space = quicker output.  Hence why all of us at DigitalMatter have at least 2 (sometimes 3!) screens to work on.  Not convinced? Read this Jon Peddie Research report.


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Wifi Extender

SGD 61.50 | IDR 859,000

Don't worry about expensive BIM software and new hardware.  As your consultants, we'll take care of the technical backend.  However there is one thing you do need - better office internet!  Slow internet is an immediate productivity killer!  If fiber optic is not available, then at the very least help those team members in the far corners of your office with a wireless extender like the TP-Link AC1750.


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Book: Deep Work

SGD 28.15 | IDR 296,380

One of the most valuable skills which is becoming increasingly rare.  If you and your team master this skill, you'll achieve extraordinary results. Deep Work is an indispensable guide to seeking focused success in a distracted world. Most of our team have read it. 


That's how good it is!


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Andri's picks to promote growth

"Change is inevitable.  Growth is optional.  To stay ahead in the property industry, here are some gifts to get you and your team into a growth mindset.

Andri Hermawan, Indonesia Project Lead


LinkedIn Learning 

Free for 1 month

Your team doesn't need to learn Revit to successfully manage a BIM project.  However, they do need to transition from traditional CAD practices to enhanced BIM processes.  The method of project delivery is completely different.  Expectations of consultant deliveries also need to change.  LinkedIn Learning has a fantastic selection of online courses that can quickly get them up to speed.  Here's one of BIM Foundations to get you started.


Buy for your team


Andri's top pick

Book: Integrated Project Delivery 

SGD 96.56 | IDR 1,016,560

This book should feature front, right and center on your bookshelf. It is the gold standard for implementing a successful project.  Say "goodbye" to siloed designs from your architect, structural engineer and MEP consultant.  Now say "hello" to coordinating designs from the get-go to save you costly rework and VOs during construction.


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Emotional Intelligence Training

SGD 450 | IDR 4,750,000 per person for onsite or virtual training

Project Management is essentially People Management.  If timelines are slipping and coordination meetings are getting heated then a new v.12 of your project timeline is useless.  Instead, your team needs to tap into their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to effectively negotiate tradeoffs and lead everyone across the finish line.  This 2-day EQ training is a great investment towards building a great team to deliver great projects.  Everyone at DigitalMatter has done it and we can't recommend it enough.


Engage Imageworks

Lara's picks to stay healthy

"Health is wealth. Beside practicing safe social distancing, here are a couple of gift ideas to keep your team healthy at work."

Lara Dudley, Director Of Business



SGD 283.69 | IDR 2,175,000

This convertible two-tier design provides space for your monitor as well as a deck for a keyboard and mouse, which can be configured into 11 different positions to help you keep your body and mind rejuvenated at work.


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Lara's top pick

Virtual Fitness Classes 

Starting from SGD9 | IDR 129,000 per month

Design and construction projects can be stressful—help support your team's mental and physical health with a virtual gym subscription.


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Posture Tracker

SGD 108 | IDR 1,140,000

Our failure to maintain a proper posture whilst working can lead to a host of problems (and sick leave!).  Here's a nifty device constantly monitoring your posture and gives you a gentle vibration as a reminder to sit up or stand straight without slouching.


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Lara Dudley, Director Of Business

Lara is a strong believer that a great project starts with a great team. And with that attitude she’s determined to staff DigitalMatter with the best talent from across Asia.