Digital Mattermaticians.

We are a team of the best of the best, from every corner of the globe.




We are a growing team of global employees, joining together from different countries and backgrounds for a common purpose.


The challenges we are taking on are not easy. The process isn’t always linear and solutions are sometimes real brain-twisters. Ideal Digital Mattermaticians are self-starters who can embrace self-discipline, pursuit of knowledge mastery, and collaborate with best intentions.

Company Culture

We are better together.


Our company culture is a pioneering model for the digital age. We are a distributed company connecting the best talents to work on the most challenging problems. Together, we are building a collective for everyone to be proud of.


Our cultural principles guide how we treat one another, how we show up as leaders and team members, and what we stand behind as a company.

We believe in principles.

  • Focus & Collaboration. You are focused and work without distraction. You also respect the focus of your teammates. And when its time to collaborate, we work together to move things forward in a big, actionable way.

  • Mastery & Humility. You are a master in your discipline and technology. And you know there is always more to learn. You are humble when learning, and you are generous when sharing with those around you.


  • Balance & Dedication. You have time for a rich, fulfilling life outside of work. You cultivate hobbies and passions that make you a fuller person. And when a project demands that extra push, you are there to move things forward.

  • Systems & Simplicity. You think in processes and systems. There is an innate desire in you for eloquent solutions that answer big questions. And there is another part of you that keeps things simple. To do just enough to make it impactful and move on to the next big problem.

  • Leadership & Service. You are a leader that knows how to move things forward with the right emotion. And you acknowledge that your intentions and actions are in the service of our projects, our teammates and our vision.

"We start with the best people, connect them through the right culture, and align everyone to a big vision."
Lara Dudley , Finance and Operations

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