Regain Control of design, development and construction

Regain control of your project outcomes. Optimize how your building comes to life.

Master Your Processes.

Our partners are visionaries who realize that existing workflows are too slow and inefficient to handle the accelerated construction schedules and complex building problems of today.

They knew there was a better answer. They saw a need for a different kind of approach, and they knew it would take a different kind of company to provide it.

That’s why they partner with Digital Matter.

"Our partners are developers and consultants with vision...
Together, we move beyond compromise and optimize projects toward a bigger vision for design and construction."
-Lennard Ong, Digital Matter Co-Founder 

Optimize Project Outcomes.

Our partners enjoy exclusive on-demand access to powerful project insights.

We locate experienced Digital Mattermaticians in your team offices. Powered by sophisticated analysis, documentation and optimization workflows, we work directly with project teams to give you the insight you need, when you need it.


  • gfa optimization

  • environmental performance

  • accessibility + visibility analysis


  • clash anaylsis

  • coordinated drawing sets 

  • live cloud-based model



  • quantity takeoffs

  • cost engineering

  • optioneering



  • issue tracking

  • site logistics

  • progress monitoring

Latest News.

The latest happenings from Digital Matter: industry news, reports and articles on project optimization, processes and workflows 

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