The design-to-construction (D2C) industry has three game-changers :

  1. Digitization

  2. Integration

  3. Analytics

Leaders who embrace this are powering themselves for long-term, scale-able success. We work with visionaries to apply these principles on everyday issues and big picture goals, setting up organizations for the next generation.

    no more outdated information   

    network diagram of shared project data    

Propel your projects into the digital-age

Digital Matter radically reimagines the way projects interact with data by amplifying and extending the power of data integration.


Your project personnel of any skill level become digitally-capable practitioners connected across the disciplinary silos and across the project lifecycle. By removing the technological learning barrier, this means anyone can review, markup and collaborate on projects in a cloud-based, data-rich 3D environment.


Project leaders make better decisions with high quality information. Live dashboards create realtime, cross-referenced feeds on key project metrics. Tedious human exercises that took days are now achieved in a fraction of time with greater accuracy and insight. Business objectives and design decisions are now integrated. 

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+ the Future of Design-to-Construction (D2C)

We are passionate about maximizing business value through digitization.


Schedule a conversation with our leadership to find out more about the future of design-to-construction and how the best are implementing in their organizations.

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