To the Visionaries who believe that today isn't good enough.

Tomorrow can be different.


Digital Matter is your force for change. We take a streamlined, digitally-empowered approach to remove unnecessary time and costs from design and construction.


With the latest capabilities at your fingertips, business value no longer has to come at the expense of quality or vision.

We are a team that combines expertise from design, construction and technology. We are helping visionaries transform how developments come to life.

   unnecessary and costly waste   

Progress happens by Choice, not chance

You’re a leader frustrated by inefficiencies in design and construction. 

Projects today are complex. They demand more time and attention and have greater risks. Yet, construction companies traditionally invest less than 1% in new technologies. As a result, construction productivity plummets while costs continue to rise. 


You can change this. Progress is a responsibility, not an accident..


We partner with leaders to make progress happen. Our partners gain access to digital efficiencies, performance analytics and insights to align design to business objectives. Together, we build better.   

[9 / 10] "The cloud-model gives me a better understanding of the space"
[9 / 10] "The clash analysis shed new light on critical coordination issues" 
-Harjanto, Ronaldo, Jovianto, Herman, Carla
ongoing project partnership                                  

Learn about the 

Early-Adopter Initiative

for new partners

Developers and consultants looking for change can quality for the early-adopter initiative.

Experience the full benefits of digitization at a special one-time rate. 

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